Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Post Script - The Time Traveler's Wife

Though I've enjoyed expounding upon the virtues of the page-to-screen adaptation thus far, it had bothered me that I hadn't yet covered The Time Traveler's Wife. Of all the titles I've covered or intend to cover, this was possibly the most important. To be honest, I feel I failed somewhat, as I do feel the movie, despite its redeeming qualities, falls so short of the source material; though I did touch upon the title's diminished screen presence, I don't think I necessarily drove the point sufficiently home. 

The truth is, I could have written ten times as much about this story, and still only scratched the surface. It really is my favorite book, and that's no small feat. It's not often I'm capable of selecting one particular item as superior to others of its kind. And for years, decades even, my favorite book was Frank Herbert's Dune, another complex novel that, despite enjoyable cinematic and television manifestations, had failed to adequately transition to the screen. 

I don't think I'll ever exhaust my desire to discuss The Time Traveler's Wife and the myriad ways in which it touches me. I similarly disbelieve that I'll ever find myself tired of rewatching the movie, nor is it likely that I'll cease the nascent tradition of re-reading the novel every September, just as the weather cools and it begins to feel as if the season of change has finally returned. It was a joy to share my appreciation for the novel and its adaptation. It's just a shame I could only do so once.

My original review of The Time Traveler's Wife

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