Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dewey's Read-a-Thon: 4th Hour Mini-Challenge

The morning's gone by so quickly, and with all the hullabaloo I honestly haven't gotten nearly so much reading done as I should have done. I have a feeling things will pick up soon. However, before I can get on with the business at hand, there's a mini-challenge to consider! The folks over at Capricious Reader have come up with an extremely fun little mission: compose a work of poetry using book titles. I probably spent more time on this than necessary, but I'm pleased with the results:

The Art of Being
The Art of Loving
The Inner Reaches of Outer Space
The Enlightened Heart
The Enlightened Mind
Einstein's Dreams
A Wrinkle in Time

Time for another quick dose of social media antics, then back to The Time Traveler's Wife!


  1. that poem :) Funny that you had books that actually all clicked together. Enjoy your day, and don't stress what you might not accomplish. It's all about the fun today.

  2. Thanks! The fun factor has been unreal, I'll never not do a Read-a-thon again