Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

In the afterglow of having composed my first post in months, I found relaxing to be a great deal more difficult than I would have thought. I thought I might spend the remainder of the night working at overcoming the current sticking point in the narrative outline of my work in progress. Unfortunately, I allowed myself to become perpetually distracted, and eventually resigned myself to the fact that my attention span simply isn't geared toward crafting fiction at the moment. So, I figured I might as well seize this newfound blogging momentum, and subsequently created the Book Reviews page. Hopefully it's formatted well enough, although I do still struggle to achieve the uniformity that my OCD so desperately craves. I've yet to strike upon a satisfactory method of handling the reviews that were lost in The Lit Asylum's temporary demise; nor have I yet convinced myself to either lump Page to Screen Reviews in with the standard Book Reviews, or create for them a separate page. I also need to get my Links and Contact pages in order, so I can improve networking and begin a proper blogroll. Any and all suggestions and opinions would be most welcome. All in all, I feel this represents a tremendous amount of progress, and hopefully it, along with this open analysis, will prove useful to the blog's readers. 


  1. You Blogged!!!!! Happy happy!

  2. I did! Happy indeed!! Now the real trick will be to continue doing so, whilst writing elsewhere as well...